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About us

Nepal Domain Hosting Pvt. Ltd. (NDH)

Based on Kathmandu, Nepal, Nepal Domain Hosting Pvt. Ltd. (NDH) is a new web hosting company started with aim to provide the Nepalese customers with most prominent web hosting solutions in the world. Although we are a Nepalese hosting provider, but our services are not limited to Nepal, even though our primary concern is to meet the hosting requirement of Nepalese customers. We equally serve to our international customers with professional, reliable and best hosting package. We provide the web hosting solutions at cheapest rate which is very rare to be found at any other hosting provider and our customer service is very much upto the mark. We are very much determined to provide our customers with quality service and establish ourself as another Hosting Giant in the Industry. We are always there 24/7 for our customers.

Values and Objectives of Company

We are not here with just the intent of making business. We want to change the trend of Nepali web hosting industry, where it seems to be out of reach from general people, small businesses and students. When world has already made a giant leap on web-technology, we still lay far behind. In short, we simply want to make it affordable for everyone. We also aim to provide free platforms to our students and IT aspirants in Nepal, so that they can play around with web technology and be more familiar with it. We encourage people to develop their creativity.

At the moment while our primary concern is web hosting and domain registration services, but you can depend upon us for web designing & development work as well. If you are a foreign company looking to outsource your web design, software development related project in Nepal, then well with the network and partners we have, we can handle your projects without any hassle. After all, we are a leading company in our field. Nepal is one of the cheaper place to outsource your projects. It's even cheaper than India. Infact, lot of companies, organizations around the world has already started showing their trust on our talents. Despite being a very small country, we yearly handle Web & Software related outsourced projects worth $30 Million.

Legal Entity

Nepal Domain Hosting Private Limited is a legally registered company, incorporated as per "Companies Act 2006 of Nepal". For more details you can contact Company Registrar Office (CRO Office) located in Tripureshwor, Kathmandu. We are also registered in PAN and duly pay taxes to the Government of Nepal.

Why choose us?

The answer is pretty simple. We are unbeatable in terms of price and quality of service. We provide fast and reliable hosting at minimal price. Just compare our plans with others and you will quickly notice that we are ahead by far. We provide lot of features along with our hosting packages. Also, with our customer support, you can get in touch with us any time for any issues that you face.

Data Center / Server Location

Our NDH hosting servers are located at data centres of Florida, USA and also in India. Unlike most other hosting providers, data center offers 24x7x365 redundant monitoring capabilites from Network Operations Center (NOC) location, staffed by certified system administrators and security professionals. The network management teams operate NOCs to assure the most sophisticated and comprehensive systems monitoring and complete monitoring back-up in the event of any emergency.

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