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Affiliate & Partner Program

While we know that our customers will any way love to talk about our hosting products and make referrals. However, to acknowledge your efforts & love towards us, we are introducing this affiliate or referral program. If you are a web design company or Teaching Institutions related to IT field, you would like to join our Partner program.


"We have great web hosting packages to sell and you have a lot of things to tell"

Be our affiliates, share & refer our great web hosting services to your friends, family, clients and earn referral bonus on each purchase. We will provide all the services & support while you can enjoy recurring bonus (i.e. everytime they renew the service) for referring something of great value to your people.

How much can you earn?

We are giving away 10% of the sales amount for each successful referral you make. For e.g. if your referral purchase a Pro 1D worth 1,250 at our site, we will credit your account with Rs. 125. In the future if he upgrades his package to 2D worth Rs. 2,250, you will be credited Rs. 225.
Suppose you made 50 referrals who bought Pro 2D worth Rs. 2250. Then you will earn 50 * 225 = Rs. 11,250

You will be receiving it even on the renewal price when your referral renews the package after end of a year or service term. However, if someone applies discount coupons, you will earn 10% referral bonus on discounted amount.

You can request for the bonus amount in cash once you reach Rs. 1200. It is mandatory to have a Nepali Bank Account where we can deposit your bonus amount. However, you can anytime use your affliate bonus to purchase hosting with us.

How does this work?

To be an affiliate you have to register in our client area. It is not necessary to buy any products to be our affiliate and make referral. However, if you are an existing client with any hosting package purchased, you can simply login to the client area with current login details and visit the affiliate tab given in menu. From there, you can manage your affiliate links. You can put banners on your websites with your affiliate link or simply share the link with your friends or family. When someones visit us by clicking on that link, and purchase any of our web hosting, we will credit the referral bonus to your account. We place a 30 days cookie. So, your referral should buy within 30 days to qualify for the bonus.

Note: Currently this referral bonus applies only for purchase of professional hosting packages. This doesn't apply on Domain registration, VPS or resellers. Also you are not allowed to make multiple affiliate accounts or refer yourself. If we find such activities, we reserve the right to cancel your account and all the amount credited to you will be forfeited.

Wants more ! Be our partner

In addition to 10% referral bonus, we have lot of other features exclusively for our partners. Whether you are a IT related Teaching Institution or Web Design/Development Company you can apply for our partner program. We have some exciting programs for you depending upon the nature of your business. For more details, contact us.

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