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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your company and data center/servers located?

We are a Nepali Hosting Provider based on Kathmandu, Nepal. However, our servers are hosted on the data centers located on both USA and India.

Do you provide service to customers from country other than Nepal?

Yes, we do. We provide our services to customers from all around the globe.

What are the payment methods that you accept?

Currently we accept only bank deposit/transfers/internet-banking for customers from Nepal, India and worldwide. We accept international wire transfer into our Nepalese bank account for international customers. Customers from India can use NEFT transfer to make payment to us (Contact your bank for more detail).

How can Indian customers make payment?

Nepal SBI Bank Limited, jointly with State Bank of India, has introduced a robust Electronic Fund transfer Mechanism (EFT) namely "SBI-Nepal Express Remit" to provide faster and convenient mode of remittance facility with miminum charges of Rs. 20. However for current and accurate information, please contact at your nearest SBI Bank Branch.

Are there any hidden fees or setup fees?

No, we gurantee you that there is no hidden fees or setup fees. You will only pay for the hosting price we have mentioned.

How long does it take to setup my account?

As soon as we recieve your payments and process your information, we will setup your account. However, for VPS/Dedicated or reseller it can take quite a bit time.

Can I take part in Affiliate program without purchasing any product?

Yes you can. You can register yourself at our client and start referring. You will earn 10% bonus for every successful referrals.

What's the best way to contact us?

You can contact us through telephone, email, or simply leave us a message. The best option would be to write us a support ticket for which you have to login to our client area. However, if you haven't register yet, you can register yourself in client area itself.

Do you own your own data centers for hosting?

No, we don't own our own data centers. Infact not even bigger hosting providers own their own data center even if they claim so. What we do is buy bigger chunk of space (which reduces cost) directly from data centers and provide it to our customers, configuring it with different features, making it ready for the use of our customers. There are separate companies who runs data centers and bandwidth are provided from Telecom companies.

I want to sign up with your service but I am coming from another hosting provider, do you help to transfer my site?

Absolutely ! we offer free transfer service. We will transfer all of your website files from old host. But if the file is very large, conditions may apply.

Do I need to transfer my domain name to you to get the hosting from you?

No, you don't need to transfer your domain name to us. You just have to change the Domain Name Servers (DNS) setting with your current domain registrar.

How long does it take for DNS settings to change over?

DNS changes can take anywhere from 24-72 hours to finish resolving with new server.

Do you offer private domain name servers for our domain?

Yes, we do. Private DNS is free on all Hosting Plans.

Do you host all kind of domain name extensions?

Yes, we can host any valid domain extension.

Do you offer a site builder?

Yes, all our linux hosting plans comes with Online Parallel plesk site builder for free !

What control panel do you use?

We use Cpanel.

Do I get my own CGI bin?

Yes, every web hosting accounts get their own cgi-bin by default.

Do you support shared SSL?

Yes, we do support it.

Does your server support JSP?

No, our server doesn't support JSP.

Can I use ASP on your server?

No, it is not supported in Linux hosting. You have to order windows hosting for that.

Does your server has Frontpage?

Yes, our servers have FrontPage installed and you can publish a FrontPage enabled site.

Do you have GD Lib Installed?

Yes, we have GD Library installed.