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Domain Registration in Nepal

Register you domain name in Nepal with best price in the industry. We provide domain registration services in Nepal for 30 + TLDs including generic and country level (ccTLDs). This includes popular generic TLDs like .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .pro, .tv, etc. and ccTLDs like .us, .in, .ru, .eu

What is Domain name?

In the past websites used to be visited using ip address in the form of numbers arranged in this format: x . x . x . x, however, as the number of websites grew, it was difficult to remember all those ip address for individual websites. Hence, concept of domain name was introduced which would give easy to remember name to a website. For example: "Facebook.com" or "NepalDomainHosting.com", which is a domain name with ".com generic TLD". It is easier to remember "nepaldomainhosting.com" than to remember its ip address "". Another advantage of domain name over ip address is that ip address may change for a given website but domain name doesn't change even if you have to change your host or server location.

Registering your domain name

Reserve your name before someone else does. Register your domain name and instantly create your online presence with the help of tools and services that we provide. Thinking of what to choose as domain name. It is advised to choose something that would represent your identity e.g.: yourname.com or yourcompanyname.com. If that isn't available you can try with yourname.net or other variants like .org, .biz, .pro, .info etc. If you are non-commercial organization like NGOs, INGOs, etc. its better to choose .org. Domain name is important for creating brand value of your organization, company or individual itself. You can easily reach to your customers and illustrate them about your products through your website. If you are an individual, you can maintain your portfolio on it or follow your writing/blogging passion, which can be viewed by millions of peoples around the world.

Pricing for Domain Registration in Nepal

Now having your own domain name and website is not as expensive as it used to be. You can register your .com, .net, .org at just around Rs. 1000 per year. Also we may have lot of ongoing promotions and deals for domain registration, through which you can get domains at discounted rate. To check recent pricing and ongoing deals & promotions click the button below:

Register your domain name ! Pricing for domain registration

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